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Super Seal Specialty Company
1333 Clear Creek
Prescott, Arizona 86305

Goals, Service, Terms, Guarantee and Return Policy Page

The goal of Super Seal Specialty Co. is to provide all of its customers with the highest quality products at a competitive price! Another goal of our company is to make Tuff-Stuff, The Solution, Piranha, Super Seal, Amaze, No Time Flat, and Monitor Lizard household words throughout the world! Therefore we are on a constant quest to obtain quality sources of distribution and to protect our distributors wherever they are located from competing against themselves with the same product! If a distributor is willing to put forth the effort to promote our products, we will be willing to help him in every way possible to attain his goals!

Serving our customers is another of our primary concerns at Super Seal Specialty Company. So, when it comes to filling the orders, shipping promptly, referring local interest or inquiries, our distributors are priority one with us!

All of our products are shipped F.O.B. / your location, unless otherwise arranged for in advance. Methods of payment are: Cashiers Check, Letter of Credit, Money Order, Company or Personal Check (authorization required) in advance of shipment, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and COD. We also offer open account w/net 10 or net 30 after the third order, with an approved credit application (4 current trade references & Bank reference w/your personal banker's name). All invoices are billed in US funds.

Guarantee and Return Policy:
All of the products manufactured and/or sold by Super Seal Specialty Company have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This simply means that if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within a 15 day time frame from the date the merchandise is received. A pre-approved return authorization number is required for any and all returned merchandise (some conditions may apply!).

Since, the founding of our company in 1971, the above goals, service, terms, product guarantees and policies are what has made Super Seal Specialty Company the success story that it is today in terms of product recognition and reputation! We plan to continue to carry on our business in this same manner and are sure that you will find all of your business dealings with Super Seal Specialty Company to be pleasant!

Should you decide to either sell or distribute any of our products; we want your experiences with us to be not only pleasant, but profitable as well!

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