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Why do we call "The Solution", the world's best waterless carwash & protectant? The following four video clips and testamonials from people like yourself who acutally use "The Solution" will no doubt convince you that this truly is a breakthrough product that you should try, so that you can prove it for yourself! Take a moment and enjoy viewing the many diverse uses and applications that "The Solution" affords you. Short of an actual hands on demonstration, these video testimonials are the next best thing to convince you that "The Solution" is the only product that you will ever need to take the best care of just about everything you own from your computer monitor to your windows, mirrors, appliances,cars, boat, rv and the list goes on and on! 100% Satisfaction guaranteed! So watch, look, listen and try a bottle of "The Solution" today!

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Inside Uses of the Solution (6MB)
Outside Uses of the Solution (6MB)
Comparison Video (4MB)
Actual Customers Testimony (44MB)
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